Baloonwall exhibition at Kings Cross parking

In the light of a course that I am following at the University of Sydney, called; Site Specific Art, I have hung 1.000 baloons across the drive lane of a parking garage in Kings Cross.

Parking garages are more than once obnoxious places. Specifically Kings Cross parking garage, where murder, rape and robbery have occurred more than a few times. Seemingly endless concrete structures they are, usually in the possession of a wide range of nauseating smells and poor lighting that makes us feel unsafe.

I believe that all man built structures are to serve man. A parking garage is about more than parking your car, it is essentially about making your way from your car to the outside world and vice versa. Therefore, I find it remarkable that we tend to accept parking garages as these distressing places. Baloonwall is a cynical way of displaying this issue, because it is wrong that we unconditionally accept the atrocious state of the garage but are surprised by this friendly, soft and cheerful object. Balloonwall could also be seen as a celebration of place and its inexhaustible ability to change, be it progression or deterioration.

Balloonwall is a crow funded installation. I would like to thank those who contributed finance and effort, and everyone who had the guts to drive their car through the Balloonwall.