Harderwijk Auditorium

The University of Technology in Eindhoven hosts a lot of different educational disciplines. Much of these can be identified as pure alfa, beta or gamma, but not architecture. In an attempt to define its own profile - omega - the faculty of architecture explored the possibility of an independent university of architecture in Harderwijk (Netherlands). Each functionality of the faculty was to be designed as an autonomous object on campus; the workshop, canteen, library, classrooms, main facilities, student housing etc.

Date January 2013 • Client University project • Filed under Educational

  • Routing
  • Connection
  • Setting

Campus Position

The Auditorium I designed is located on the border of three worlds; the campus, park and city. The given masterplan expressed its belief in peripatetic education, which is considered as knowledge exchange while on the move from one to another part of the campus. Its location thus became key in the aim for the auditorium to facilitate this kind of education. The many different visitor routes are combined into a building structure that is as much about transition as it is about meeting. The auditorium facilitates only two main auditorium rooms. Rather than adding more enclosed reading rooms the design is set up spacious, consisting of several domains in the public area that can be used as lecture, reading and discussion spaces.