Rijssen Villa

This design, by Theo Reitsema, was formed around the client’s desire to “feel at home as if in a hotel”. Shaped like the letter “H” with one crooked leg the house opens up to the landscape, reinterpreting how old farmhouses in the area allowed farmers to keep an eye on their cattle. The resulting three volumes were programmed as distinct ‘hotel-activities;’ sleeping, dining and residing. While working for Reitsema & Partners as a graduate architect it became my responsibility to give this concept atmosphere with a materialization and detailing that respected the traditional local vernaculars.

Date November 2015 • Client Private • Filed under Residential • Partner Reitsema & Partners Architects

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Atmospheric and Vernacular Detailing

The detailing was foremost influenced by the desire to use only three typical farmhouse materials; wood, straw and glass. By combining the original craftsmanship of straw binding with modern insulation technology we managed to apply straw as both a roofing and facade material. This resulted in a seamless surface that folds itself around the three legs of the “H”-shape, which is supported by solid and untreated oak wooden beam’s, inserted with fixed steel profiles to prevent them from requiring any stability-trusses. At the roof edges the straw roofing is cut horizontally, which combined with carefully glued glass corners enhances the subtle tension between inside and outside.