Zugspitze Research Center

This project focused on the design of a completely autharkic research laboratory - with associated mountain climbers lodge, tourist restaurant and observation deck - on top of the German Zugspitse. Rising three kilometer above sea level and standing within an unimpaired environment which lacks a perception of human scale, the design acts as a lonely and sculptural witness of human presence. The building uses its unruly environmental conditions (sun, wind, rain & snow) to create its own metabolism.

Date December 2013 • Client University Project • Filed under Mixed use


The building shape was approached as an inquiry into the use of climate to reach self sufficiency. By locating functions with a low heat requirement (climbers lodge), and functions with a high heat generation (restaurant) in the lower part of the design, the building uses the natural behavior of warm air to flow upwards to use it warming up functions with a high heat requirement but low heat generation (laboratory and observatory).